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Cumbria & Yorkshire based photographer.
Storytelling wedding photography For the no fuss couples.

Image by John Pearson

Hi, I’m Helena

People know me better by Lenny, I live in Leeds with my big love John who’s an Illustrator and all ‘round great guy. 

I’m all about the little moments and I am passionate about visual story-telling. I love to capture things as they happen and believe in personal connection over 
unrealistic posed images.   

 I think it’s really important to create a comfortable place for you to be yourselves, you’re in love and that’s what we want to capture! I’ll definitely throw myself under the proverbial bus and embarrass myself, overshare and ramble in aid of helping you relax



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How does it work?

Getting married is such an exciting event. You’ve met the love of your life and now get to plan the wedding you’ve been secretly compiling details for on Pinterest and Instagram for years… so why does it suddenly feel like you have absolutely no idea how it all works? 

This is ok! I’m here to help and guide you through finding the photographer that you know you’ll love, even if it isn’t me! There is no set rule or structure for how this will work, so let’s have a chat and see what would be perfect for you.


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